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Important dates

No classes Saturday 8th and Monday 10th June (King's Birthday holiday)

Last lesson for Term 2 

Saturday 30th June

CONCERT DAY Sunday Dec 8th

10am to 5pm

Renaissance Theatre


Info: Term Dates


Auditions for talented teens aged 10+

Youth Performance Company has room for 4 more members

Please call Kat if your child is interested in auditioning. Company members need to attend 2 afternoons a week/ 4 lessons. Training is fun and focussed. A small amount of home stretching and strengthening is expected.

New Students

What to wear to my first class?

Bare feet, leggings/ trackies shorts and a singlet or t-shirt are fine for your trial class. Please do not buy dance attire as we have set uniform and shoes.

New Students

What to expect at my first class?

5 minutes before class you and your parent can enter the hall and take a seat to watch the end of the class before. Come and sit with your teacher when the class before leave. There will be time to say hello before starting a fun warm up. You will learn some stretches, cool moves, travelling steps and part of a routine. There will be short breaks for a bathroom visit or a drink (please bring a water bottle). Your parent can stay to watch if you wish. There is often a dance game and reflection to finish.

For returning students fees need to be paid before lesson 1. New students can trial a lesson before committing. Class places are available to others until your enrolment is confirmed by submitting full fees. 


Is there a class you would like scheduled? 

Please let me know if you and 5 friends would like a class of your choice at a particular time and we will do our best to accommodate.

Fair performance

Congratulations to all our young dancers who performed at the Fair recently. You drew a huge crowd who loved your fantastic performing. Wow!! Great work!! 

We congratulate our Youth Performance Company on their most outstanding results in the Jump Dance Competition. 

All 3 items entered won a placing and have made it through to Nationals!!!

Helaine won 3rd place in the 14 and under ballet solos.

The contemporary troupe won 4th place.

The hip hop and jazz troupe won 1st place. 

Well done to all our young dancers involved


Get in Touch
Info: A message from Kat
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To book lessons, receive emails, update contact details, view your account and pay online, please create an account and log into dancestudio-pro. com. Please save the link and your password.


DanceStudio-Pro, our studio software provider, has released a brand new DanceStudio-Pro Parent Portal app. The app has all the same functions as the web-based Parent Portal with the added convenience of having it downloaded directly on your smartphone. The app is free and will allow you to register, pay, access your schedule, etc.


To get started:

  1. Download the app from the 

    Apple store


    Google Play


  2. Enter your current DSP credentials 

  3. Click "log in"


New students are welcome to attend 1 free trial before paying term fees. Please book online as though you intend to continue but hold off on paying fees. Please confirm after lesson 1, whether you would like to pay and continue or have the invoice deleted. Your child's place is saved once payment is made.

We have set uniforms and shoe requirements for each group. Please wait to be emailed our lists before making purchases. Please wear pure cotton socks and stretchy clothing that you can move freely in for your first lesson.

Stageworks Academy Child Safe Policy 

Children have the right to feel safe. Stageworks Academy is committed to providing a child safe and child friendly learning environment. Our policy extends to all employees and volunteers to ensure that children are safe while in our care. 

Discrimination is not tolerated. We value diversity and welcome children from all backgrounds. We pay particular attention to the safety needs of students from Aboriginal, culturally/linguistically diverse backgrounds, children with disabilities and children who identify as LGBTIQ+. Care is taken to provide appropriate changing areas for classes and performances to accommodate diverse needs and provide children with privacy. 

We are inclusive of all children and their diverse needs. We may request additional assistance to be provided by the family during lessons, where the Performing Arts Teacher alone, might not be able to meet special needs of an individual student while running the class. 

We aim to empower students. Students are actively encouraged to share their viewpoints and to reflect on our class learning and processes. As part of our creative processes, children are invited to offer input into our choreography, themes, costuming and music choices. Movement material must never be suggestive and music must not contain any explicit language. 

We promote positive relationships between staff, volunteers and students and expect respectful interaction. We actively listen to students and families and act swiftly and thoroughly upon any concerns raised. A child who feels unsafe can discuss this with staff members and they will be taken seriously and their concerns acted upon.  

We have no tolerance for child abuse. Volunteers and staff are required to provide proof of a valid Working with Children Check. They must sign and adhere to our child safe policy and take a responsible role in monitoring child safety. Staff and volounteers are required to report any incidence or suspected incidence of child abuse immediately to Katrina Post. If an allegation is made against a staff member or volunteer, they will be stood down while under investigation from relevant authorities. 

Definitions of Abuse: 

Physical abuse is when a child suffers or is likely to suffer from significant harm from a non accidental physical injury. Sexual abuse is when a child suffers or is likely to suffer from significant harm from sexual abuse such as when a child is exploited for sexual gratification. Emotional and psychological abuse is when a child suffers or is likely to suffer emotional or psychological harm that can significantly damage the child’s emotional or intellectual health and development. Neglect occurs when a child’s physical development or health has been or is significantly damaged. Neglect can refer to the omission or deprivation of food, clothing, warmth, hygiene, supervision, medical care or safety. Child abuse includes any action that results in the actual or potential harm to a child in circumstances where the child’s parents have not protected or are unable to protect the child. Grooming might involve targeting a specific child, isolating them, giving them special unnecessary attention and gifts and sexualising the relationship. 


Firstly, if a staff member/instructor/volunteer becomes aware of an incident or allegation of abuse or has reasonable grounds to form a belief of abuse, they must ensure the child/ren are safe and away from further risk of harm and report the incident or allegation to Katrina Post.  

If a staff member/instructor/volunteer is concerned about the immediate risk to the child, or criminal conduct has occurred, that person must call 000 and report the matter to the Victorian Police immediately. If a staff member/instructor receives information that leads them to belief that an offence has been committed, mandatory reporting requirements must be met, including reporting firstly to Katrina Post and then to Victoria Police and DHHS Child Protection Unit. 

Upon enrolling each year, parents are required to read the photography permission policy and either give consent or opt out. If they opt out, a no-photo symbol shows up on the online roll next to their child’s name throughout the year. Staff members must tell children when they are taking footage or photos of them. Children themselves may also choose to not take part in photography or filming at any given time. Parents will be informed prior to the yearly professional photography session and will be reminded that they can opt out. To opt out they must visit their Dance Studio Pro profile and select the Photo Opt out option. Children will never be named on social media. Children will not be filmed or photographed while wearing any logos from their Primary/Secondary school uniform. 

Reviewing and maintaining our Child Safe policy 

A Stageworks Academy Committee of 3 VIT qualified members reviews our child safe policy and procedures yearly to ensure effective and current child-safe policy is created and maintained. The policy is available on the Info page of the Stageworks Academy Website and on the Dance Studio Pro online enrolment platform. 

Info: How to enrol or re-enrol
Info: Policies
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