Important dates

Term 3: Mon July 12 - July 19

Open week July 12 - July 19

Public Holiday: None

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Term 3

Welcome back after Lockdown 5

We are excited to be recommencing 7 Adams St Alphington classes from Wednesday July 28th 3.30pm.

Alphington Primary School and Saint Anthony's  School classes are on hold until schools are allowed to have outsiders on site. Students from these groups are welcome to come along on a Saturday morning or after school Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday for an extra drop in class in the meantime. Please text or call me if wanting more info or book a free drop in lesson with a class.

Students awaiting trials:

Please list your child for a free trial with the preferred class from Wednesday 28th. This needs to be accurate for Covid Safety. 

Bring a friend week take 2

Our bring a friend week was cancelled for lockdown 5. We welcome visits from friends over the next 2 weeks.


Learning is more fun with friends! We will kick off week 1 with “Bring a friend week” to help strengthen our return. Please ask your friend to sign up for their free trial class online. 

Is there a class you would like scheduled? 

Please let me know if you and 5 friends would like a class of your choice at a particular time and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Covid Safety

For everybody’s safety, there will be strict QR code check in, hygiene and distancing procedures in place. Please see below for Adams 

St Policy. School protocol will be followed at APS.


Covid 19 procedures

Protecting your safety

7 Adams St Covid 19 Policy and procedures


Parents drop off and collect students at front door and avoid entering themselves. If you must enter, please sign in with the QR code. Please arrive at the correct start and end time where there are consecutive classes as students will not be permitted in until the break between lessons. Students coming straight from school may arrive between 3:30pm and 4pm.

New students or preschool students may bring 1 parent to watch from a safe distance. Parents must socially distance from other adults and children.

Students should bring their own water bottle, yoga mat, and any equipment necessary in a bag. All items must be well named. Items left behind will be disposed of at the end of the day.

Bags and possessions should be placed on the markers. Students sit on markers while waiting for class to begin.

Students are temp tested and then sanitise their hands upon entering the hall.

Students must not attend with any signs of cold or flu.  Children found to be unwell will be sat a safe distance from others until they can be collected.

The timetable will reflect breaks for one class to leave and another to arrive.

High touch areas such as door handles and barres will be sanitised regularly.


Only one bathroom will be open. It will be equipped with soap and paper towel. Please try to toilet at home before leaving for class.

After school students at 7 Adams St will change in the main hall not bathrooms. Currently all these students are female with female teachers. Parents must not enter the hall.

Young children should wear street clothes over their dance wear that are easy to change in and out of themselves (such as Snow boots, gumboots, crocs, slides or ugg boots and a Zip up coat/hoodie/dressing gown). We need change overs to be quick and easy.

During class

No eating on site for students unless attending for longer than 90 minutes or coming straight from school. They must sanitise before and after. No sharing of food.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Social distancing will be respected at all times.

Use the 1.5m barre markings to socially distance.  


Staff will sanitise their own equipment regularly such as stereos, ipads, phones etc.

Staff will sanitise high touch areas between classes (barres, door handles, light switches, remotes).

Staff will ensure that there is soap and paper towel in the bathroom.

Staff will ask students to sanitise upon entry or after visiting the bathroom.

Staff will maintain accurate rolls and cleaning logs.

Staff will send ill students home.

Staff will endeavour to supervise the social distancing of students while on premises.

Staff will have the Covid-safe app

We thank you for your co-operation and wish you a happy healthy Term.

Take care,

Kat (Katrina Post)